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Mar 15, 2015

14 March 2015's American Controversies webinar focused on foreign policy, and how American principles impact the decision to get involved overseas, where, and how. Scholars David Tucker and Stephen Knott discussed examples from Washington's administration to the Obama presidency,  unpacking events and decisions including the War of 1812, Indian Removal, the annexation of Florida, the Spanish-American War, and more recent interventions in the Balkans, Africa, and elsewhere. 80 teachers from across the country attended and posed excellent questions, digging at the issue of where principles and pragmatism meet - and either clash or complement one another.

You can access a video copy of this webinar, along with the core documents used by the scholars, on this archive page.

Join us for next month's American Controversies webinar, the guiding question behind which will be "Are Congress or the Courts Too Strong or Too Weak?"

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