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Feb 3, 2018's 3 FEB 18 Saturday Webinar looked deeply into the Cuban Missile Crisis, the '13 days' during which the world seemed to teeter on the bring of nuclear war.

How did this crisis come into being? How was evidence of the missiles discovered, and verified? What was the nature of the crisis - that is, were there people within JFK's inner circle who saw it differently than it is typically portrayed? How did the upcoming midterm elections factor into decision-making and internal analysis by Kennedy and his people? How did JFK's experience from the Bay of Pigs impact his view on Cuba? And what impact did the crisis have on Castro's control over Cuba?

Our panelists dug into these questions and others, working with a live audience of over 100 teachers from across the country.

The following books were recommended for additional reading:

"One Hell of a Gamble," Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali

We Now Know, John Lewis Gaddis

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