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Dec 8, 2015


Why does Lincoln call "all men are created equal" a "proposition" instead of a "self-evident truth"? How does he see the Civil War as a test? What does he define "dedication" and why does Lincoln depreciate what was said at the Gettysburg dedication? What is "the great task" that remains for the American people? What is the "new birth of freedom" he calls the nation to experience?
What are Lincoln's objectives as the newly re-elected president? Why emphasize that both sides tried to avoid war? Why is there no explicit mention of the South as the cause of rebellion in the Second Inaugural Address? According to Lincoln, who or what was the cause of the Civil War? Why does he appeal to God's judgment to discern the meaning of the Civil War? How does the Second Inaugural Address forge a connection between America's past and America's future? In other words, why does Lincoln use his Second Inaugural Address to explain the meaning of the preceding four years?

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